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Category: Erotica

What kind of Lover Would you Want?

“What kind of lover would you want?” “A human Rumi.” “Human Rumi?” “Human Rumi. A lover who’d strike me into pieces with their words. Kiss me till my mouth runs dry. Scathe my back with her nails and call on my ancestors to help her take the life out of me. I want to disappear […]

Pomp on a Yellow Sun Hue

The Sunday sun shone its smooth silky yellow hue through my windows that evening. We silently laid on the couch, our heads opposite from each other as you waved in and out of sleep. At a point you longingly proposed to sit on me. I was watching my game but I couldn’t say no. Your […]

I’ll Spread Your Legs Across Continents

I’ll spread your legs across continents and worship at your altar with the offering of my tongue to all the gods residing within you. Until they all melt into cream. I will lick your toes and name them after my ancestors. Onyango and Okoth and Nyar Ogutu with her children. Your pawpaw shall pull the […]

Midnight Muse

It’s midnight. I cannot begin to tell you how badly my body yearns for your touch. Can’t stop thinking of things I want you to do to me. Your sexual energy. A love letter full of sex. I want you to read me erotic poems half naked. The sound of your words to send me […]

Body to body

She took hold of his manhood’s tip. They were sat side by side, caressing each other placidly. His request of the day was that she showed up in lace and black. Hers, desiring to find his body oiled and moisturized. As her tongue glided over his veined curved phallus, tears began rolling down her cheeks. […]

Dear Lover

Dear Lover, Last night I smelled your black lace thong. To get a whiff of your ravishing scent. At the back of my lonely bed it lays spread on two tiny red couch cushions. I clutched it in my hands, wet thinking. I could hear the whisper of your voice surround my rose fragranced room, […]

Or You Can Undress Me right Now

“Or you can undress me right now.” “Girl, will I finish this today? I have a meeting in thirty minutes and this document has got to be ready.” “Come to mines tonight. There’s a corner of my mind I need you to sweep.” Sighs. “You snake, can I work?” “Only if you promise I’ll be […]

Sandy Beach of the Pink Lake

I sat on the sandy beach of the Pink Lake of Senegal this hot and breezy Friday afternoon, reading Katama Mkangi’s Walenisi. I was on Page 154 starting out on the Seventh Chapter. The pink hues of the water before me kept distracting my mind. I wandered into thought, imagining what Africa would be had […]

Are You Coming for the Biscuits?

 “Are you coming for the biscuits?” Her head leaned gracefully on the pillow. come “You can come with the milk. My thighs feel dry.” She added. It was noon. I was thinking about the calm weather outside. She interrupted my thoughts again, “What’s that thing you often do inside me with those fingers?” I looked […]