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Category: Relationships

Habits of Successful Relationships

Last night I stayed up watching TED Talks on relationships. Taking notes, gasping, laughing nervously and reflecting. It continues to astonish me how we’re barely taught emotional laws that explain our inner world and that of interpersonal dynamics, hence our over-reliance on our parents’ coupling styles. Not so many of us have had it good.  I […]

You Can’t Change People

Here’s what I learned: You are never obligated to work on a relationship that keeps harming you; mentally, emotionally, physically. We’re socialized to grow through struggle without boundaries. If it’s a parent who caused your childhood trauma and they continue disposing their unresolved issues on you; if it’s a partner whose violence spirals in an […]

Me And Mum; Navigating Relationships

Mother’s clothes and shoes lay scattered all over her bedroom floor. A stench of desolation hung in the house. I asked father why he did it. He said it was the anger. Anger made him do it. I feared my 13-year-old sister would be scarred by the mess if she saw it. So I locked […]

The Havoc of Heartbreak

“What will you do with all this havoc, Eric?” I thought about it. For a moment there I was unsure what people are supposed to do with pain. She was curious to pick my mind. “I don’t know, Sarah. I’ve never thought about it that much. I wake up and wonder what I am still […]

Creating Healthy Relationships

Introduction Lately I’ve been pondering over the oppressive laborious weightiness of creating healthy relationships in the world today. Anywhere. At the workplace, in school, at home, worship places, etc. It seems to me that when we come down to it, the unprecedented chaos, bangarang and bedlam the world’s bleeding from at this present moment stems […]