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You Heal as Far as Your Awareness

You Heal as Far as Your Awareness

In neuroscience there’s something called ‘neuroception’. This describes how our nervous systems distinguish whether situations or people are safe, dangerous, or life threatening. As a form of healing, social support like having safe and healthy relationships enable us to ‘co-regulate’. This is connecting to another safe nervous system that helps us rewire our brain to be safe for us. So if your nervous system does not have capacity to read another’s appropriately, then you know something is off. This explains why people constantly find themselves in abusive relationships.

When your nervous system is weak, it affects your immune system too. You hear couples that love each other and have stayed long together live longer. And persons who didn’t enjoy healthy relationships of whatever nature are prone to illnesses.

Everything you’ve been through that is unhealed your brain could forget but your body stores them. And your nervous system is like your emotional reflectors. The more you know where it hurts the better choices you can make. That goes for collective trauma too.

Onyango Otieno

Onyango Otieno is a cultural designer ardent in maximizing the power of storytelling for healing and connection. Onyango believes in the potent spirit of humanity collectively creating safe spaces for interaction, development, business and movement, for a more cohesive world.

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