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Women Deserve Healed Men

I don’t blame women who are indifferent to the pain of men. It’s counterproductive arguing, “why don’t feminists speak when it’s men?””why do you keep quiet when it’s a man?” We have to look at the picture outside the frame.We have to investigate the impetus of this dissociation to balance our perspectives. It’s a trauma response. Women all around […]

The First Seven Years of my Life

Uncle Mark would call me Sibuor mang’ang’a. Meaning “the great lion”. He bought me my first toy car. It was a huge tough plastic thing I loved so much. I was born at Pumwani Hospital on the 15th of June, 1988. It was a Wednesday evening. 7pm, mama said. Hence my name “Otieno” which means […]

Me And Mum; Navigating Relationships

Mother’s clothes and shoes lay scattered all over her bedroom floor. A stench of desolation hung in the house. I asked father why he did it. He said it was the anger. Anger made him do it. I feared my 13-year-old sister would be scarred by the mess if she saw it. So I locked […]