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Tag: Love

Lessons to turning 33

I turned 33 in June, 2021. Here are the lessons I carry with me. Healing I was talking to a group of people recently telling them how incredibly alienating living a healthy life is in this constantly growing capitalist society. I remember a while back vibing women with whom we considered dating at some point, […]

Creating Healthy Relationships

Introduction Lately I’ve been pondering over the oppressive laborious weightiness of creating healthy relationships in the world today. Anywhere. At the workplace, in school, at home, worship places, etc. It seems to me that when we come down to it, the unprecedented chaos, bangarang and bedlam the world’s bleeding from at this present moment stems […]

Sandy Beach of the Pink Lake

I sat on the sandy beach of the Pink Lake of Senegal this hot and breezy Friday afternoon, reading Katama Mkangi’s Walenisi. I was on Page 154 starting out on the Seventh Chapter. The pink hues of the water before me kept distracting my mind. I wandered into thought, imagining what Africa would be had […]